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Stint is a free tool that automates the tracking of your networking and job applications, so you can quickly land your next stint.

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We’ve got your back through every step of your search.

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Add jobs to your account by forwarding the application confirmation emails

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Add contacts to your network with only their LinkedIn URL, track all your networking activities, and link them to your job opportunities

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Track the activities you are taking in your job search, assign due dates and create To Do Lists

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Stint helps you bring your A-game to your job search by making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Keep track of job descriptions, key contact info, notes, and documents for each opportunity.

Track application status for each opportunity from networking to offer accepted, and never forget to follow-up.

Attach cover letters, resumes, and project documents to each opportunity so you have everything you might need to reference during an interview at your fingertips.

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